Saturday, March 28, 2009

Priyanka– a ‘Comic-strip Heroine’

Bollywood hottest property these days is Priyanka Chopra, fondly called piggy chops. The glam gal will soon play the part of a comic strip heroine in an international comic book series. British businessman Richard Branson is all praises for Priyanka Chopra. After showering accolades on the actress, the entrepreneur is keen on turning her into a comic strip heroine for his publishing house.

Priyanka’s character in comic series

The character in this coming comic series will exactly look like Priyanka and will also be named after her. Priyanka is working on two projects, one a completely fictional story and character, the other a super hero, who looks like her and will borrow incidents from my life. With this new facet as a comic strip heroine, Priyanka becomes the first Bollywood star and the second in India (after Sachin Tendulkar) to be featured in a comic series of international repute.

A mighty excited Priyanka is all grateful to Richard for this damn good offer. She considers herself lucky for this honour. Big filmmakers and actors like John Woo, Nicolas Cage, Shekhar Kapoor and Terry Gilliam are associated with Branson’s comics. Even our master-blaster cricketer Sachin Tendulkar has a comic book series with him.

Priyanka thinks that this will take her beyond the usual dominion of acting. Since she is someone who loves to take up new projects, Priyanka is extremely delighted with this comic strip idea. She is fond of taking on new projects and exploring new avenues and this will take her beyond the expected and forward as a person and a professional. The comic book is one more endeavour in that direction.

Her excitement is to see and she is keen on being completely involved in the whole process. And especially, something that’s an extension of her own personality is even more interesting for her. She can’t have ideas from the outside thrust on her. The comic book is an idea close to my her heart.

Priyanka signs off, syaing, “I love fairy tales and comics”.

That’s another feather in Priyanka’s cap…good going gal!!!

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