Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Priyanka is not a piggy

Priyanka is not a piggy

Priyanka Chopra is on cloud nine these days - the lady with the Filmfare award this year is in a quite candid chat as she discusses Aishwarya Rai, ex-Hurman, Shahid and her nick Piggy Chops.

Ask Priyanka about the recent Aishwarya Rai controversy where she called her beautiful in her Filmfare acceptance speech and Kajol talented which upset Mrs.Rai, she says, “I don’t think Aishwarya said anything about being upset with me. I admire her as an actor and she’s like an icon today. She’s brought Indian cinema international recognition. She’d never say something like that.”

Ask her about Hurman and Shahid, she says, “Hurman has and will always be a great friend,” and about Shahid she says, “I prefer not to give out any more unnecessary details that add to these stories. I’ll talk about my role – I play a college going, 20-year-old girl, Sweety. The character is really interesting and is a Maharashtrian. I don’t know Marathi at all and I really had to work hard for that.”

Quiz her about her nick name Piggy Chops, she says, “That’s so not true. I love the name and I think it’s different and unique. Abhishek Bachchan named me that and I find it quite cute. It is just that the ‘Piggy’ part of the name mystifies me – I’m hardly a pig!”

Even we are mystified by your name Piggy Chops!

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