Thursday, March 19, 2009

"Salman in sp. app.? Not at all" - Prem Soni

"Salman in sp. app.? Not at all" - Prem Soni

Is Salman Khan making a special appearance in MAIN AUR MRS. KHANNA, produced by brother Sohail Khan and UTV jointly? Is it not the main lead? That's what almost everyone in the industry believes. Almost everyone is under the impression that Salman makes a 20-minute appearance in the film.

"That's completely untrue," director Prem Soni clarifies, "The fact is that Salman is the lead man of the film. He's not making a special appearance. It's a beautiful story of a married couple [Salman, Kareena] and would obviously be incomplete without them."

So how did these rumours originate? "I am clueless. We kept hearing these rumours earlier, but I chose to keep quiet about them because I wanted to complete the film and then clarify about it. Now that the film is complete, the world can have a look at the film and judge for themselves," the debutante director states.

Prem continues in the same breath, "We've shot the film in Australia [Melbourne], Thailand [Krabi] and India [Panchgani, Mumbai] and Salman has been a part of every schedule. It's their [Salman, Kareena] story. How could Salman not be there?" Point noted!

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